Project Overview

The I-64 corridor is a critical link in the regional transportation network of Hampton Roads, Virginia. With numerous major ports, a workforce of almost one million civilian and military personnel and a thriving tourism industry, the area is inundated with vehicular and freight traffic that has overwhelmed the existing I-64 bridge-tunnel complex.

Traffic volumes and daily congestion have had substantial negative impacts on travel times, the military’s mission, economic development, commercial freight and tourism. This accentuates the need to “unlock” additional capacity by virtue of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) Expansion Project. This will comprise a parallel bridge-tunnel, associated road widening and the possibility to rehabilitate the existing westbound tunnel. Additional details are noted below:

> Expansion to six lanes of capacity along 12 miles of the I-64 corridor between I-664 in Hampton and I-564 in Norfolk

> A third lane addition to I-64 in each direction

> New east-bound bridge-tunnel just west of the existing crossing with the existing eastbound Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnels being converted to west bound lanes

> Increase travel reliability along the I-64 corridor by optimizing congestion management through high-occupancy toll lanes (“Express Lanes”) in each direction

Upon completion, the HRBT project will provide the much-needed increased travel capacity to the region. The addition of one travel lane in each direction along the I-64 corridor and the introduction of HOV/HOT lanes from Hampton to Norfolk will expand travel options for commuters, provide more reliable travel times, enhance emergency evacuation capability, improve strategic military connectivity, and increase throughput in travel-related regional commerce.

Additional information on the project can be found on VDOT's website: